We provide a wide range of Services

We are concerned with bridging that gap between Local and International Transactions.

How can we help you?

Here is a list of some services that we provide to our customers.

Instant Transfers

We bring Internet Banking to a whole new level. Users can now send money directly to anyone in the world instantly


We provide one of the best method of saving money without charging our users hidden bank charges.


We offer payouts of 160% of any amount our users choose from our Investment plans. We are the best Worldwide.

Investment Payouts

We offer a wide range of payout systems namely, direct bank account, western union, money gram, cryptocurrency.


Users Can request for a loan from the bank with little to no collateral depending on users relationship with the bank.


We provide free help and support on matters relating to Financial issues and cryptocurrencies.

A breakdown of our Investment Packages

Our investment plans are structured in such a way as to get a return of 40% of any of our investment plans per weekly basis.

Empire Banking redefines the need to eliminate poverty from any society worldwide thereby bringing a way to allow users earn from their investments without moving a muscle as Empire bank does all the work for you.

Any and all other information not covered here is provided to you in your dashboard.

"Investment Made Easier!"

The fastest and best investment plans at affordable and realistic prices with automated payment plans.