Save, Invest And Make Transfers

Choose a plan that suits your needs

Earn 40% on your investments weekly.
Earn 10% on your savings monthly.

Secured Account

Empire Cash uses the highest levels of Internet Security, and it is secured by a 256 bits SSL AES algorithm. This is a symmetric-key algorithm  which uses the same key for both encrypting and decrypting Empire’s data to completely protect you from fraud.

Investment Transparency

Empire Cash allows you to choose what you want to invest on. All investments offered are transparent and in real time.

Free And Fast Transfers

You can transfer freely to other account holders on Empire. Our transfer interface is smooth, fast, no charges, no transaction reversal.

What We Invest In



Farming and Livestock

Foreign Exchange

Real Estate


Join others to invest!

It is not easy for one individual to invest in any product or service and gain tangible results without losses. At Empire you can join the crowd to invest small amounts and earn the same amount of huge results that others earn.

Latest Investment Chart

This Chart has a total unit of 10 Million in Naira and is plotted in percentages relating to the above maximum amount.